Our time is spent pouring over strategies, fine-tuning our processes, and constantly scrutinizing our performance. The product that we have developed over the years is a direct reflection of our priorities.  We have committed our entire beings – our souls even – into LaGrande Global.

By focusing on and removing the negative traits of wealth management, we create an environment where good investments can take care of themselves. Our obsessive focus is to understand investment risks – those scenarios that could lead to permanent loss of capital. We aim to minimize unnecessary fees and commissions. We pride ourselves on clear and in-depth communication, free from esoteric marketing jargon and meaningless language. And we never take short-term risks at the expense of long-term sustainability.

This process of removing the offending traits in wealth management stems from an ancient Latin saying: Via Negativa, which translates to “the removal of the negative.” This is our craft, the source of our success.  

We are engaged in our work for the simple satisfaction we derive from the craft of investing; understanding in depth our clients, finding value overlooked, and testing our process with every decision. The result of our labors is a process that follows form and function, is engaged and artful, and is simple and adaptable.

For LaGrande Global, investing is the process in which families, communities, and societies build wealth for both present and future generations. We believe investing takes skill, requires engagement, and is an art.  We are poets directing that art into motion. Our clients are looking for something different, something artisanal, where the process is as important as the results. True craftsmanship.