Managing complex financial lives.

Founded in 2013, LaGrande Global is a firm that serves as the trusted Chief Investment Officer for individuals and families undergoing complex changes to their financial liquidity, such as in the case of divorce, inheritance, and selling a business.  We work with ultra-high net worth families as well as a select group of entrepreneurs, athletes, business professionals and high-profile individuals building their wealth.

Our Principles

  1. We exist to serve our clients. Our sole focus is to be the world’s most sophisticated wealth manager. We aggressively pursue our client’s goals and strive to provide impeccable client service.
  2. Excellence is our standard. We have two grades at LaGrande Global: A and F (A- rounds down). Our aim is to do both ordinary and extraordinary things extraordinarily well for our clients.
  3. Uncompromising integrity. We have both a legal and moral obligation to do what is right for our clients. Always.